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Operational Risk Management Series - Virtual Instructor Led Training @ Middle East (MENA)


Operational Risk Management Series - Virtual Instructor Led Training @ Middle East (MENA)
Operational Risk Management Series - Virtual Instructor Led Training @ Middle East (MENA)
06 September 2021
Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) -
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4 Part Operational Risk Management:

Mitigate & Manage Your Operational Risk to Gain a Competitive Advantage with
 Financial Risk Manager of the Year 

Dr Robert Mark
Dr. Robert Mark

Co-Author, Risk Management & The Essentials of Risk Management, 4.4 Stars on Amazon
Alma Mater includes New York University and Harvard Business School

Dr. Mark has worked for a number of financial institutions such as HSBC, PwC, The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). He is currently a Managing Partner of Black Diamond Risk Enterprises which provides corporate governance, risk management consulting, risk software tools and transaction services.

Besides managing his own company, Dr. Mark is also the Founding Executive Director of the Masters of Financial Engineering Program at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. He was also awarded the Financial Risk Manager of the year by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP)

His responsibilities over the years include, being in charge of financial risk management consulting as well as providing clients with risk management solutions. He has also managed corporate treasury functions in addition to being responsible for covering all credit, market, and operating risks.

A Sneak Peak Into Robert Mark's Operational Risk Management


Dr Robert Mark Books


“I never knew I would get to meet the author of a Risk Management book that I studied from during my undergraduate studies! Although the learning was done virtually, he excelled in explaining the risk management processes and the quantification of operational risks which was new and absolutely great knowledge for me to apply in my current organization. Thanks Dr. Mark!
Izzat Hafizuddin Mohammad Halmi – Assistant Vice President, MNRB Holdings

“For me, the 1st module in the course was the most useful as Dr. Robert Mark brought us back to the general operational risk management principles which I highly appreciated. He is a great practitioner in operational risk management. His explanations on the respective topics are very detailed.”
Norehan Binti Abdullah – Deputy Manager, Public Bank Berhad

“This course being a virtual training was a time-saver. The most useful topic on the course for me would definitely be KRI. An amazing facilitator who provided clear explanations and made sure all of us understood throughout the course.”
Michelle Wong Jia Yi – Senior Associate, Kenanga Investment Bank

“The most insightful part of the event was the sharing of knowledge and information among various industries. Dr. Robert Mark is very knowledgeable.”
Ratneswary A/P Jeevanathan – Operational Risk Manager, RHB Bank 

“Understanding the helicopter view of risk management was the most interesting part of this event for me. Dr. Bob Mark has good knowledge on subject matter.”
Moi Hui Fong – Manager, Securities Commission Malaysia

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Event 1: The Essentials of Operational Risk Management

Overview of Module 1: The Essentials of Operational risk Management – Understanding the Basics, Key Elements and Developments

Operational risk is both the oldest and the latest threat faced by financial institutions. Financial institutions have always had to protect themselves from key threats to their operations, but until relatively recently, the management of these threats focused on practical techniques for minimizing the chance of loss. Over the last decade and more, banks and other financial institutions have put significant energy into wide-ranging frameworks for managing enterprise wide operational risk and have tried to relate operational risk directly to the risk capital that they set aside to cover unexpected losses.

You will learn:

  • Design and implementation of an operational risk framework
  • Foundation and evolution of operational risk management in financial institutions
  • Regulatory perspectives to establish methodologies in operational risk
  • Risk culture values and behavior that shapes risk decisions

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Event 2: Governance, Data & Quantification of Operational Risk

Overview of Module 2: Governance, Data & Quantification of Operational Risk – Estimating Expected and Unexpected Losses

The focus of this course is on the integration of quantitative and qualitative assessments to identify and estimate operational risk exposures. Academics and regulators have been critical of approaches to quantify operational risk capital for financial institutions. Nonetheless, a granular focus on improving the measurement of operational risk and upgrading the operational infrastructure is increasingly becoming more important in organisations (e.g. analysing and upgrading the processes that lead to operational risk events).

You will learn:

  • Types of operational risks and its correlation to operational risk capital
  • OpVaR calculations
  • The combined approaches to quantifying operational risks
  • Stress testing operational risk
  • Risk Control Self-Assessment (RCSA)

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Event 3: Risk Indicators, Risk Adjusted Returns & Model Risk

Overview of Module 3: Risk Indicators, Risk Adjusted Returns & Model Risk – Predicting Low Frequency and High Severity Events for Timely, Proactive Action

Key Risk Indicators (KRI) are critical predictors of risk in operational events. The focus of this course is to identify the various types of risks in different business processes, and the variables that provide an estimation of the frequency and severity of an operational risk event. A comprehensive approach to establishing risk indicators and measuring risk adjusted returns enables financial institutions to proactively pinpoint risk, detect emerging risk trends, and identify unexpected potential losses before they happen.

You will learn:

  • Key Risk Indicators (KRI) in proactively measuring operational risk
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in proactively measuring performance
  • The intersection of the different types of model risks with operational risk
  • Regulatory approaches to consider for measuring and monitoring operational risk
  • Importance and impact of emerging operational risks

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Event 4: Emerging Risks, Mitigating Risk & Future Trends

Overview of Module 4: Emerging Risks, Mitigating Risk & Future Trends – Making Operational Risk Transparent

Operational risks can significantly impact both the reputation and financial stability of a business. This course will assess the various operational risk factors that cause uncertainties. The lack of a strong risk mitigation strategy leads to an excessive number of operational failures and may impact the viability of a financial institution in a severe unexpected operational risk driven crisis. Financial institutions need to develop business strategies that align with the appetite for operational risk and make these risks transparent.

You will learn:

  • The correlation between other types of financial risks with operational risks
  • Impact of emerging risks – namely Cyber Risk, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Risk and Supply Chain Risk
  • Stakeholder management in operational risk management
  • Future trends and developments in the operational risk management space

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