Abdul Aziz Al Akeel, Director, Business Development - AlSalam Airport Co, Qatar

The main strength of the event was certainly the 21 Rules of Negotiation. Jim Thomas highlighted the steps of negotiating in a sequence so that it was clear and concise.


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Negotiate To Win Masterclass @ Shanghai


Negotiate To Win Masterclass @ Shanghai
Negotiate To Win Masterclass @ Shanghai
24 June 2013 - 25 June 2013
5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (China) - Shanghai
In House Training , Management , Talent Management , Sales and Marketing , Logistics Procurement and Supply Chain , Legal , Leadership , Information Technology , Human Resource , Finance


Jim Thomas - World Renowned Negotiator & Bestselling Author

(World-Class Negotiating Skills For World-Class, WIN-WIN Agreements!)

Jim Thomas

A man who has been dedicating the past 35 years on negotiating, Jim Thomas is no new face to the corporate world. His International Bestseller was rated one of theBest Business Books of 2006 is now available in 18 different languages. This prominent public figure has been frequently broadcast-ed on CNN, Channel News Asia, CBS News, ABC News, MSNBC, and Fox News besides being featured in top notch newspapers and magazines such as Newsweek, Cosmopolitan, Global Investor, Marie Claire and many more. The author of the international best seller, Negotiate To Win, Jim needs no introduction now. A profound person in the media, he has been frequently featured not only in the US, but recently in Malaysia’s ownNTV7’s Breakfast Show. The negotiation guru is now coming all the way to Dubai to grace us with his knowledge and skills.

Jim Thomas's Bestseller


“Jim imparted his experiences to this course. The rules of negotiation were very practical and the topics discussed were the strengths of the event. I think that this course has benefited me in terms of developing better negotiation techniques with people without destroying any relationships. The skills taught in the training can help companies to better understand on why we have failed in the past and how to accomplish success in the future. This training has given me a lot of opportunities to obtain knowledge. This event was well organized and their time management skills were excellent! I will join any other events organized by Kexxel Group in the future!”
Jennifer Ye - Senior Business Development Manager, Sanofi Aventis

“Jim shared a lot of experiences during this course and the rules presented were really practical. He is very down to earth and taught us on how exactly one should utilize the tips for negotiation. There were 24 tips discussed .Hence, I have learned on how to utilize 24 tips on a daily basis. I have also learned about five major tips that can be utilized in any negotiation tables.”
Rachel Lee Dan Yan - Head of Transactional Service Center, Bayer

“The class changed my views on negotiation. It turns out to be a simple mechanical process. Most useful areas in this event were simple rules discussed and exercises that we completed. This training was quite imperssive and it changed my point of view about negotiation. Jim si a great speaker. He taught us what negotiation is all about in a very simple and understandable way .He could really help me comprehend negotiation better and execute better negotiations in the future!”
Mason Wang - Director Open Innovation, Unilever China

“Jim is very experienced, he provides excellent examples and overall, a very good course. This negotiation course will help me further educate my associates, to pass on the knowledge to them in training. It also enables me to add more points to my own knowledge.”
Andreas Baumann - Purchasing Director, Robert Bosch Investment Ltd

“Jim Thomas is very professional and nice. Kexxel Group is a good organization.”
Du Haifeng - Supply Management Supervisor, Siemens Gas Turbine Port Ltd

“The trainer is professional with hands-on mentality. We were also provided the necessary tools and guidelines in a very practical manner.”
Wolfgang Koester - General Manager / KB, Andritz (China) Ltd.

“The training contained real life examples, the slides were not too fancy and the exercises were very good! Jim Thomas has excellent experience and he has a rich history. All I can say is EXCELLENT, really excellent! I would love to attend more of Kexxel’s trainings. I like Kexxel’s organization; their coordination, reminders and follow ups were up to time and good.”
Nabil Iweir - General Manager, Abbott Lab

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What Will You Learn by The End of This Couse

How to achieve long-lasting, creative, mutually profitable, “win-win” agreements more easily, smoothly, and consistently
How to thoroughly and effectively prepare for your negotiations
How to assess the other side’s negotiating strengths and weaknesses
How to use the full range of best negotiating practices – and how to defend against them
Why, when, and how to make concessions – and avoid unnecessary concessions
How to more effectively select, manage, and use negotiating teams
How to establish and maintain a positive negotiating climate
How to negotiate more comfortably and successfully across cultural lines
The growing role of computers and the Internet in negotiating


(Brief introduction to the programme)

Program Agenda

Day 1

The Negotiate To Win Workshop begins with participant introductions, an overview of the program's content and methodology, and the establishment of ground rules. We then discuss participants' goals and expectations for the workshop and share personal best and worst negotiating experiences.

Session 1 -Negotiation - What Lies Beneath
Session 2 - What "Win-Win" Negotiating is Really All About
Session 3 -The Critical Rules of Negotiating
Session 4 - The Important But Obvious Rules of Negotiating
Session 5 - The "Nice To Do" Rules of Negotiating

Day 2

We begin Day 2 with a review of lessons from Day 1. After a brief summary of Day 2's agenda and goals, we move on to the vital subject of Concession Management.

Session 1 - Concession Management
Session 2 -Pre-negotiation Homework
Session 3 - Performing a Successful Negotiation
Session 4 - Navigating Negotiation's Minefields
Session 5 -Negotiation Leadership

Who Should Attend?

- Chief Executive Officers
- Chairman
- Managing Directors
- Vice Presidents
- Directors
- Head of Sales & Marketing, Procurement, Logistics, Supply chain, Finance, Human Resource, Buyers, Legal, etc.

Some of Jim Thomas's Clients Are:

- Sanofi Aventis
- Bayer
- Unilever China
- Robert Bosch Investment Ltd
- Siemens Gas Turbine Port Ltd
- Andritz (China) Ltd.
- Abbott Lab
- Rolls-Royce
- ExxonMobil
- General Electric
- Johnson & Johnson
- Pfizer
- The World Bank

The future will belong to better negotiators

Today, your effectiveness at most of the things you do – whether its closing deals, setting goals, allocating resources, recruiting, team building, motivating, appraising, disciplining, problem-solving, or simply managing everyday differences with colleagues, clients, friends, and significant others – is powerfully influenced by how well you negotiate. Tomorrow? At least one thing is certain: success won’t be getting any easier.

Competition will keep growing, margins will keep shrinking, and even smaller advantages will separate success from failure. If skilled negotiating is vitally important today, it will be imperative in the future. The conclusion is inescapable: It's time to improve your negotiating skills. You can't put this off any longer.

Learn from the Fortune 500’s favorite negotiating coach

Master negotiator Jim Thomas' Negotiate to Win program is the definitive "how to" course that has helped tens of thousands of attendees negotiate their way to new levels of business and personal accomplishment.

What makes it so special? Because Negotiate to Win is about results. Jim specifically wrote it to fill the urgent need for practical, non-theoretical negotiating training. From the profusion of negotiation theories, strategies, ploys, and gambits, he distilled the handful of techniques that work, again and again, in the real world. He then packed these powerful principles into a no-nonsense, two day program that will quickly and dramatically jump-start your negotiating skills. Don't miss this rare opportunity to be personally trained by Jim Thomas -- the man who literally wrote the book on effective negotiating.

You'll leave Negotiate to Win with a wealth of powerful new ideas that you can use the very next time you negotiate. Now is the time to improve your negotiation skills. This is the program to help you do it. Don’t wait any longer to start reaping the rewards of better negotiating. Come see why Negotiate to Win is the program that gets results!


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