Tony Woodhall, Maintenance Manager - Veolia Water, United Arab Emirates

The trainer has great experience in the subject, and has a presentation format that is both interesting and informative. It is my first time with Kexxel Group and my first impression on them is very good!


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Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Masterclass @ Dubai


Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Masterclass @ Dubai
Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Masterclass @ Dubai
22 May 2011 - 23 May 2011
5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Dubai) - Dubai
In House Training , Plant and Engineers


Joel Levitt - World's Top Maintenance Expert & Author of 9 Books

(An Expert's Guide to a Journey Towards World Class Plant Performance)

Joel Levitt

Having trained over 15,000 maintenance leaders from 3000 organizations in 21 countries in over 500 sessions, Joel is the world's leading maintenance trainer with hands-on experience in a numerous industrial fields. A true professional with 25 years of experience in the maintenance industry, Joel has not only published 9 books, but he has also written 6 popular maintenance management texts and chapters of 2 additional reference books. A frequent speaker at maintenance and engineering conferences, this high caliber trainer has also published countless of articles on maintenance. Now is the chance for you to have a dynamic experience with a truly skilled professional!


"One of the best trainings I have attended. The trainer is very good. Sharing experience with other participants from other organizations was very useful. Very good organization and professional staff!!!"
Hany Salem Mahmoud – TA Planner, Borouge (UAE)

"I really would like to thanks Mr Levitt for his presentation and the way of interaction during the course which was very beneficial for me. Interaction between different people from different organizations was very useful for all of us. As for the Kexxel , appreciate the arrangement and the cooperation."
Sami Saklou –Process Area 1 Maintenance Supervisor, Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia)

"Joel proved to be very knowledgeable on the subject and passed on the course content very efficiently. Actually this was one of the best training actions I have been involved in the last 5 years. The approach to the content of the course was highly effective."
Luis Miguel Santos – Engineering Manager, Qatar Aluminium (Qatar)

"I have attended many courses in maintenance training, but non made the maintenance points so easy to understand and quite possible to adopt. We had a great time enjoying the way you delivered the message. I heartily wish you all the best. I appreciate your great assistance that spotted a light towards many dark areas in our maintenance activities. Showing others how to do things right in a friendly way is a great value that is rare to find in today’s world."
Ali O M Adam - Chief Operation Officer, TADCO Saudi Arabia

"The training session covered the basics really well as well as the building blocks for the future as the exercises provided were really good. Well done!"
Matt Stewart - Head of Planning from Etihad Airways


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What You Will Learn By The End Of This Course:

- Reducing waste in Preventive Maintenance activities
- What changes to make to improve reliability
- How to gain productivity through small changes in thinking
-How to plan and schedule Preventive Maintenance tasks
- Developing tasks list for different equipment
- How things fail and their impact on Preventive Maintenance
-Characteristics of the best Preventive Maintenance inspectors
-How can we adopt Planned Control Replacement?
-What are the basics of Predictive Maintenance?
-Using the P-F Curve to choose inspection frequencies

Program Agenda

Day 1:

Session 1: Groundwork
- Goals of program
- Report card
- How much is enough?

Session 2: Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Economics
- Past sins
- Costs of setup and ongoing costs
- True breakdown costs
- Case study

Session 3: Justifying (Selling) Preventive Maintenance & Predictive Maintenance Expenditures
- Some benefits of PPM
- Selling Preventive Maintenance / Predictive Maintenance
- Benefits of Preventive Maintenance / Predictive Maintenance

Session 4: Basic Understanding of Preventive Maintenance
- What is Preventive Maintenance?
- Understanding what Preventive Maintenance is supposed to accomplish and the critical event
- Appropriate Preventive Maintenance strategy for the 3 equipment life cycles and 6 failure modes
- Maintenance improvement curve - How to get the most bang for your buck

Session 5: CMMS Approaches to Preventive & Predictive Maintenance
- Steps to install a Preventive & Predictive Maintenance system
- Survey instructions
- Preventive Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance systems increase professionalism

Day 2:

Session 1: PM Details for Effectiveness
- Four types of task lists
- PM frequency and its effect on breakdown

Session 2: Task List Development
- Assemble the right data
- Look for the most dangerous, most expensive or most common failure modes
- Choosing tasks

Session 3: TLC (Tighten, Lubricate & Clean)
- Cleaning
- Bolting
- Lubricating

Session 4: Guidelines for Involvement with Predictive Techniques
- Questions to ask before PdM
- Oil analysis
- Vibration analysis
- Temperature measurement
- Ultrasonic inspection
- Advanced visual techniques
- Other methods of predictive maintenance
- TLC-Tighten, Lubricate, Clean

Session 5: Management of PM Activity
- Planning and Scheduling PM activity
- Access to Equipment
- Interruptive maintenance and non-interruptive maintenance
- Metrics
- Outsourcing PM

Session 6: Task List Analysis
- Complete analysis of task lists (line by line)

Session 7: Advanced Concepts: PM at the Next Level
- P-F Curve
- Statistical Analysis

Session 8: Personnel Issues
- Staffing the PM Effort
- What kind of personality to look for in a PM inspector
- How to insure that PMs are done as designed

Session 9: Developing a Unique Action Plan
- Review material
- Prepare and discuss action lists

Who Should Attend?

Managers, supervisors and planners responsible for maintenance planning, scheduling and control activities such as:

- Maintenance Managers
- Planners
- Schedulers
- Reliability Professionals
- Engineers
- Operations Managers
- Plant Managers
- Material Coordinators

Some Of The Clients Joel Has Worked With Are :

- Abu Dhabi Airports Company
- S2 O&M Co
- Gasco
- Action International services LLC
- Airport International Group (AIG)
- ENOC Processing Company
- Emirates District Cooling
- Oilfield Supply Centre Ltd
- THARAA Real Estate Investments Co (Saudi Arabia)
- Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority
- Smith International Gulf Services Kuwait
- Sony
- Lego
- Pepsi
- Volvo
- Washington D.C. Metro Area Transit
- US Army Corps of Engineers
- US Coast Guard
- US National Security Agency
- US Navy
- US Army
- University of Texas

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5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Dubai)
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