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Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions @ Kuala Lumpur


Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions @ Kuala Lumpur
Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions @ Kuala Lumpur
04 April 2011 - 05 April 2011
Kuala Lumpur -
In House Training , Management , Sales and Marketing , Leadership


Keith Rosen - Award Winning, Globally Recognized Authority on Sales & Sales Leadership

Keith Rosen

An award winning columnist, speaker and best selling author, Keith has written several books on leadership, time management, selling, cold calling,
closing the sale and the widely acclaimed, Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions, which was the winner of several international best book awards, including the 2008 Sales Leadership Book of the Year, the World’s Best Business Books of 2009 and The Top Ten Best Books to Read in 2010.

Keith knows that sales training alone is no longer enough. He delivers solutions for the world’s leading sales organizations that drive more sales by
working with managers to become better coaches, so that coaching becomes your competitive edge to foster long term, positive changes in behavior.
Keith addresses the specific challenges and objectives unique to your company, then moves beyond traditional training by coaching your salespeople
and managers around best practices and best thinking which develops true champions.


“Keith is an exceptional trainer who inspires and enthuses his audience. I would highly recommend him both as a person and as a professional for any organization wishing to transform their Sales management team towards Sales management excellence.”
Cillian O’Grady, Director of Coaching, Oracle

“Without effective coaching, sales performance improvement programs stand little to no chance of success. Having experience working with several vendors, and looking closely at many other coaching programs available in the marketplace, Keith’s experience, expertise and approach won us over. His proven coaching framework is universally accepted, and as such, embraced by and complementary to every region, culture and business unit, regardless of where you are located throughout the world.”
Mark Selleck, Senior Director, Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Microsoft

“After our seasoned sales team worked with Keith Rosen, sales were up for the first time in three years and we finished at 107 percent of plan.”
Maureen Martinez, Sales Manager, The PennySaver

“When it comes to building a top sales organization, Keith has got the market cornered on tactical leadership strategies for today’s workforce. Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions is a winning playbook for managers who need to strengthen and invigorate their sales team through executive sales coaching.”
David Hirsch, Director of Business to Business Vertical Markets Group, Google

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What You Will Learn By The End Of This Course:

You will discover how to master your coaching skills and deploy an internal coaching program, enabling you to:
Make the transition from high performing salesperson to high performing sales manager.
Utilize a proven coaching framework to impact performance immediately. (L.E.A.D.S. Coaching Framework.™)
Master the language of leaders, The Art of Enrollment, to create buy in around change without pushback.
Conduct effective observation sessions and deliver feedback that leads to a positive change in behavior.
Stop micro-managing and eliminate the heavy burden of dependency that traditional management styles create.
Make the shift from a fear based, reactionary, toxic culture to a coaching culture that fosters full accountability.

Program Agenda

Day 1:

Session 1: Building the foundation: Identifying current and limiting management practices.
Session 2: Making the shift from manager to coach.
Session 3: The art of enrollment. The language of leadership.
Session 4: Onboarding your team in coaching.
Session 5: Fatal coaching mistakes to avoid.

Day 2:

Session 1: The inner game of coaching.
Session 2: Communication strategies of the masterful coach.
Session 3: The L.E.A.D.S. coaching framework to drive every coaching conversation.
Session 4: Refining your presence as a great leader.
Session 5: Tactical and situational coaching, coaching in action and sustaining long term change.


Who Should Attend?

This program is a must attend for any sales manager, executive, VP and business owner looking to maximizing team productivity through executive sales coaching. Please note that this program is also for those managers who are responsible for a team of managers, as these same skills are transferrable and do apply. It is also relevant for teams outside of sales.


Some Of The Clients Richard Has Worked With Are:

- Oracle
- Microsoft
- Google
- PepsiCo
- GE
- Met Life
- Bank of America
- American Express
- US Weekly
- Xerox
- Discovery Channel
- Wolf Medical Instruments

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