Seo Tho Wee Siang, Sales Manager - Astra Zeneca, Malaysia

Keith delivered a clear presentation which was very easy to understand. He was able to provide related examples as a method of practice. Kexxel Group arranged and coordinated the event very well. The event was definitely related to my job scope.


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Getting to 'Closed': A Sales Masterclass @ Dubai


Getting to 'Closed': A Sales Masterclass @ Dubai
Getting to 'Closed': A Sales Masterclass @ Dubai
03 March 2013 - 04 March 2013
5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Dubai) - Dubai
In House Training , Sales and Marketing , Customer Service


Facilitated by: America’s #1 Corporate Sales Trainer

Prof. Stephan Schiffman

**Voted No 1 Sales Guru in prospecting by Personal Selling Power magazine**
Trained over 500,000 professionals in over 9,000 companies worldwide**
Featured in:** Wall Street, CNBC'S Smart Money, Steals and Deals, Money Talk, AP's Special Assignment, SRN's Today's Business Journal, and The Jim Bohannon Show, among others.**

Prof. Stephan Schiffman has been a leader in motivational and sales training since 1979. He is a Certified Management Consultant, and has trained and consulted to a wide range of corporations including IBM, AT&T, Motorola, Sprint, CIGNA, and a host of other organizations throughout the world. Steve’s accomplishments include the development of highly pragmatic sales training and management programs that adapt effectively into a broad range of sales environments and industries. All of his training is based upon actual sales experiences and are proven successful.

**Author of 50 best-selling sales books** – some of them are:


“I’ve known Stephan Schiffman since my early days as a top sales rep in telecommunications some 15 years ago. I have read numerous of his books and consider him a terrific mentor. He did sales training before it was fashionable to do sales training. The inventor of the sales process, he has made millions of dollars for millions of people. Follow his advice and your commissions will skyrocket.”
Todd Natenberg, President/Author, TBN Sales Solutions

“Stephen is an outstanding sales trainer and motivator. His wealth of Sales knowledge is evident in everything he presents and writes about. His ability to assess and design solutions for sales organization is second to none. I would highly recommend Steve.”
Anthony Bartolo Sr , Owner, Preferred Sales Consultants

“Steve is the very best sales trainer, maybe in the world. If you haven’t read one of his books yet, do. If you haven’t had Steve or one of his associates work with your sales force you haven’t reached your full potential.”
David Ortiz , Operations Manager , Regus Group


What You Will Learn By The End Of This Course:

- Increase your closing ratio.
- Reduce discounting because of price issues.
- Handling the most common and not so common objections.
- Understand your own ratios in sales.
- Manage your pipeline effectively.
- Create the flow of the sales conversation.
- Be more confident as a sales person.
- Learn the sales and buyer personality types.
- Verbal and non-verbal communication.
- Cold call anyone for an appointment.
- Be innovative in your sales approach.


A brief introduction about the programme


Program Agenda

Day 1:

Session 1: The Philosophy of Selling
- Mastering the Sales Process – What does it mean to sell.
- Predictors and indicators of sales success.
- Managing a successful pipeline.
- Case study / Exercise: Practicing the process for real results.
- Thinking like the successful professional that you are!

Session 2: 25 Toughest Sales Objections (and How to Overcome Them)
- Handling price objections.
- Handling the first “No”.
- Dealing with a difficult person.
- What to say when the person says they need to think about it.
- Why objections happen in the first place.
- Case study / Exercise: Reinforcing the point that where the objection enters the sales call has a lot to do with the value of the objection.

Session 3: Cold Calling
- Opening the cold calling conversation.
- Handling the introduction and getting them to listen.
- Closing on the appointment.
- The Four Steps of setting the appointment.
- Developing the script to be used.
- Role Play and Practice: Practice to perfection.

Session 4: Role Playing Activity: Learning The System
- Don’t wait for “No”.
- The opportunity Column.
- The “Closed” Column.
- The First Appointment Column.
- Prospect Management System.

Session 5: Conclusion

Day 2:

Session 1: Controlling the Sales Conversation & Objection Handling
- The personality types of prospects.
- Opening and controlling the sales conversation.
- Handling every objection.
- Asking great questions.
- What is the best question to ask?
- Handling the difficult objection.
- Exercise / Group Activity: What is your communication style?

Session 2: Always CLOSE The Sale
- Making a great presentation.
- Recommendation vs. a proposal.
- Knowing when to close the deal.
- More about closing, closing, closing.

Session 3: 35 Key Tips for Increased Sales
- Time management.
- Calling exercise.
- Positive affirmation.
- Self-awareness.

Session 4: Upselling Techniques That Really WORK
- Understand the buying patterns, the decision maker, the influencer and the naysayer.
- Role Playing & Exercise: Upsell me!

Session 5: Motivate & Reinvent Yourself
• Action plans & next steps
• Discussions
• Summary & wrap up


Some Of The Clients Stephan Has Worked With Are:

- AXA Advisors
- Prudential Financial
- National City Bank
- Chevron Texaco
- ExxonMobil
- Siemens Energy & Automation
- Ricoh Corporation
- Siemens
- Sony
- Motorola
- Ford Products
- Honeywell
- Suzuki
- FedEx
- AT&T
- Panasonic
- Roche Biomedical Laboratories
- Bloomberg
- The New York Times

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This group is open to all professionals who deal with negotiation on a regular basis or use negotiation as a career. Here, members are encouraged to discuss and debate on any related topics to benefit from new ideas and opinions from different professionals in different career fields in regards to negotiation.

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5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Dubai)
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