Ashley Oommen, Supply Planning Manager - Binzagr Company, Qatar

By attending this event I gained the ability to converse with multiple authorities and it boosted my overall outlook. Jim Thomas is very good in approaching the topic with flair and he was really dynamic. Kexxel Group did an excellent coordination of this event. Absolutely wonderful service!


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Emotional Intelligence in Action @ Singapore


Emotional Intelligence in Action @ Singapore
Emotional Intelligence in Action @ Singapore
14 November 2013 - 15 November 2013
5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Singapore) - Singapore
In House Training , Management , Leadership


Author & Co-creator of Team Emotional and Social Intelligence (TESI)

James Terrell

James Terrell is a world leading author in Emotional Intelligence. As the relization of the importance of emotional intelligence and it's effect in building the desired organization has increased, no man is better for the job than the expert himself, James Terrell. James has worked with leaders across 6 continents, and provided over 2800 debriefs of the Emotional Quotient Inventory. As Vice President of Collaborative Growth, James helps teams improve their productivity and help their leaders anticipate change, respond to it resiliently, and expand their influence beyond the traditional chain of command. He is the co-creator of the TESI, the world’s first scientifically validated assessment of team emotional and social intelligence.Throughout all of his experience, a single theme has guided his interests and efforts - helping people reduce conflict by improving their communication skills.



“Finally, a resource....guide...roadmap....to help team members and team leaders alike understand what it takes to function as a high performing team, how doing so can personally enrich your life, and why it’s critical for organizations to function only in this way. The Emotionally Intelligent Team connects the dots between the task at hand, achieving and making a difference, and personal happiness. Imagine where humankind would be if every entity on the planet operated within a series of high performing teams. Marcia Hughes and James Terrell show us that it’s possible!”
Suzanne Kirk, SVP, Branch Service Center, Bank of the West

“We value teams at Medtronic so we know that this book will be a powerful tool in understanding and developing successful team behaviors!”
Michael Mihalczo, District Manager, Walter Cooper, District Manager, Medtronic CRDM

What You Will Learn By The End Of This Course:

What is Emotional Intelligence, and how does it make us more effective?
Why the Fortune 500 has EQ on its mind big time
The 16 EQ skills that make leaders influential (Hint-you already use them!)
How to take your own emotional pulse and read the emotional pulse of others
How to build your emotional vocabulary in the 3 critical categories
How to leverage your individual skills on your team
The secret to emotionally effective teamwork
How to help your team find its own voice
The three emotional keys to innovation

Program Agenda

Day 1:                                                                                        

The workshop begins with introductions by participants and facilitator, an overview of the two-day agenda, and a brief goal setting exercise that will help participants be certain to get the most they can from the Learning Content and the training experience.

Module One:
- LEARNING CONTENT – Comparing IQ and EQ in Tasks, Relationships and Decisions
- DISCUSSION – The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence
- EXERCISE – Becoming All That You Can Be

Module Two:
- LEARNING CONTENT – How to Program Your Emotional Bio-Computer
- DISCUSSION – Tuning in to the Business Environment
- EXERCISE – Connecting Feeling with Meaning (Empathy)

Module Three:
- EXERCISE – Practicing Self Compassion (Self Regard)
- LEARNING CONTENT – Introducing 15 Competencies of Emotional Intelligence
- DISCUSSION – We will debrief the exercise and tie in stories about how these specific skills have made a difference in the careers of participants.

Module Four:
- LEARNING CONTENT – Introducing more of the 15 Skills (cont.)
- DISCUSSION – Self Regard
- EXERCISE – Feel, Hear, See - Is it Reality? (Reality Testing)

Day 2:

Module Five:
- LEARNING CONTENT – Emotional Intelligence Builds Strong Culture
- DISCUSSION – Weak Culture?
- EXERCISE – Design a Cultural Action Plan

Module Six:
- LEARNING CONTENT – The Seven Team EI Skills
- EXERCISE – Skills practice
- DISCUSSION – We will debrief this exercise and explore who felt powerful and why, compared with who felt helpless in the rather common team situation that we visited through our role play.

Module Seven:
- EXERCISE – Motivation! Success Through Being on Target
- LEARNING CONTENT – Emotional Recipe for Effective Motivation
- DISCUSSION – After discussions on the learning, we will model ways to use optimistic statements to help a team recover after a setback or failed project. Facilitator will call on class members to imitate him, paying specific attention to their non-verbal communication skills. This can get pretty funny!

Module Eight:
- DISCUSSION – Action Plan & Coaching Pairs
- LEARNING CONTENT – Review and Summary and set up email / phone coaching pairs so participants will have a partner to work with in implementing their development plans.
- EXERCISE – We will close with a brief reflection by each person about what new behaviors they will be excited to try upon returning to their organization.

Who Should Attend?

• Senior Leaders facing new resource challenges
• Human Resource Directors
• Managers and Team Leaders
• 1st time supervisors

Some Of The Clients James Has Worked With Are:

• American Express
• World Bank
• Apple
• National Renewable Energy
• Siemens
• US Air Force
• US Navy
• US Postal Service
• Colorado University
• Pfeiffer, An Imprint of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Singapore)
Country: sg