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How to implement preventive maintenance in your company?

Maintenance is a long-term strategy that plans for a disaster before it happens. With preventive maintenance, the business fixes minor failures before something worse

How to improve fleet management in your transport industry?

Effective fleet management assures your vehicle investment returns are optimized. Fleet managers focus their efforts on maintaining their fleet to ensure guaranteed safety. Businesses

Ensuring Positive Driver Behavior in your fleet business

The behavior of drivers is among the most crucial aspects of fleet management since it impacts the safety of drivers and increases the likelihood

Maximize your supply chain leverage during the pandemic

For more than two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the supply chain. The pandemic put many supply chain global leaders in a fix,

The importance of supplier relationship management in the supply chain

The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t an isolated crisis. It has implications that last for a long time on how people function and how supply chains

Transitioning to the Key Account Management approach

KAM has been around for over five decades and has brought profitable gain to many organizations. Key account management is a step further from

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