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8-9 May 2024


Kuala Lumpur


12 days left


In today's dynamic financial landscape, where markets are ever-evolving and challenges are constantly emerging, mastering treasury management is essential for staying ahead. Led by renowned industry expert Peter Bokma, this immersive two-day event is meticulously crafted to provide finance professionals with the latest insights, cutting-edge strategies, and innovative approaches that are crucial for success in treasury management.


Join us as we navigate through the intricacies of treasury management, bridging the gap between traditional practices and innovative solutions. Whether you're an experienced finance professional looking to deepen your expertise or an aspiring treasurer aiming to stay ahead of the curve, this masterclass offers a unique opportunity to sharpen your skills, expand your knowledge, and prepare for the future of treasury management. 


Rave Reviews:

“I found Peter Bokma's Treasury Management course to be profoundly enriching. His comprehensive approach, covering aspects from AI in treasury to ethical practices, was enlightening. His expertise in regulatory compliance and its application in a Middle Eastern context was especially beneficial.”

Dr. Mohammed Ghiyath Sheikah, Chief of Treasury & Investments, Qatar International Islamic Bank, Qatar


“His expertise in integrating global financial trends with local market insights is extraordinary. The course's focus on risk mitigation and capital optimization was particularly relevant to my role.”

Gopu Venkat Ready, Senior Manager PwC, India


“Peter Bokma's Treasury Management course provided me with the tools and insights needed to excel in this environment. His deep understanding of Middle Eastern financial markets and his ability to tailor his teaching to our specific needs was remarkable. The course's focus on sustainable finance practices and crisis management was particularly relevant.”

Abdullah Awayda, General Manager, Qatar Islamic Bank, Qatar


What you will learn:

  • In-depth understanding of global treasury risk management, including foreign exchange and interest rate risks.
  • Strategies for effective funds sourcing and allocation in various market conditions. 
  • Advanced insights into liquidity risk management and crisis handling techniques. 
  • Enhanced skills in cash management and optimization strategies. 
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the impact and integration of AI in treasury functions. 
  • Skills to develop and implement ESG-compliant treasury strategies. 
  • Exposure to regulatory compliance issues in a global context. 
  • Practical experience through interactive case studies and simulation exercises.



Who Should Attend:

  • Treasurers
  • Treasury Managers and Directors in corporations and financial institutions. 
  • Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and Finance Directors. 
  • Financial Analysts 
  • Credit and risk officers 
  • Financial risk managers 
  • Corporate Bankers and Investment Bankers. 
  • Financial Controllers and Corporate Treasurers. 
  • Professionals in Financial Planning and Analysis roles. 
  • Financial Auditors and Consultants. 
  • Assets management


Peter Bokma

Over 45 years of international experience in Treasury and Investment Banking


Peter Bokma is a distinguished Treasury Management professional with over 45 years of international experience in Treasury and Investment Banking spanning both conventional and Islamic treasury landscapes.


Peter Bokma is an International Treasury Management Professional with over 45 years of experience in Treasury and Investment Banking spanning conventional and Islamic treasury landscapes. He played a major role in driving significant changes within globally renowned firms in regions including Europe, Australia, Singapore, USA, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

Renowned for his expertise in cash management, hedging techniques, and complex banking instruments, Peter has held prominent roles at leading corporations like HSBC, ING, and Commerzbank. His profound understanding of global financial landscapes is reflected in his extensive work across various regions, providing consulting services to esteemed clients worldwide. As a transformational facilitator and educator, Peter's commitment to excellence shines through in his ability to communicate complex concepts in an accessible manner, making his courses truly transformative experiences for attendees.

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Advance Treasury Management Masterclass

Day 1: Foundational Treasury Concepts and Strategies.

Participants will explore global risk management, innovative financing solutions, liquidity crisis handling, and cash management techniques.



SESSION 1: Global Treasury Risk Management

  • Introduction to the dynamics of global treasury risks. 
  • Exploring foreign exchange risk: strategies and tools. 
  • Navigating interest rate risk: assessment and mitigation. 
  • Managing market risks: approaches and best practices.

Case Study: Navigating a Significant Currency Devaluation



SESSION 2: Funds Sourcing and Allocation Strategies

  • Fundamentals of effective funds sourcing. 
  • Addressing challenges in acquiring funding. 
  • Balancing short-term and long-term financing needs. 
  • Optimal Capital Structure: Theory and application.

Case Study: Innovative Financing Solution




SESSION 3: Navigating Liquidity Risk Management

  • Principles of effective liquidity management. 
  • Identifying and managing liquidity risks. 
  • Strategies for ensuring adequate liquidity. 
  • Tools for monitoring and managing cash flows.

Simulation Exercise: Managing a Liquidity Crisis



SESSION 4: Effective Cash Management Strategies

  • Essentials of cash management in modern finance. 
  • Techniques for cash flow optimization. 
  • Utilizing technology in cash management. 
  • Internal controls and fraud prevention.

 Interactive Activity: Cash Management Strategy Development



Day 2: Emerging Trends & Treasury Framework Design

Participants will explore the role of AI, ethical and sustainable practices, and regulatory compliance in treasury management.



SESSION 5: Artificial Intelligence in Treasury Management

  • Introduction to AI in financial management. 
  • AI's impact on forecasting and risk assessment. 
  • Utilizing AI for fraud detection. 
  • Automation in treasury processes.

Case Study: Implementing AI in Treasury Operations



SESSION 6: Sustainable and Ethical Treasury Practices

  • Ethical decision-making in treasury. 
  • Understanding and integrating ESG factors. 
  • Sustainability in financial operations. 
  • Developing ESG-compliant strategies

Case Study: Successful integration of sustainable practices in treasury operations



SESSION 7: Regulatory Compliance in Treasury

  • Overview of global financial regulations. 
  • Compliance challenges in international operations. 
  • Strategies for managing regulatory risks. 
  • Keeping abreast of regulatory changes.

Group Discussion: Evolving Financial Regulations and Treasury Impact



SESSION 8: Developing a Comprehensive Treasury Framework

  • Comprehensive analysis of a multifaceted treasury issue. 
  • Addressing multiple aspects of treasury management including liquidity, financing, AI, ethics, and compliance. 
  • Team collaboration and solution development. 
  • Presenting and discussing group solutions.

Group Activity: Developing a Comprehensive Treasury Framework




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