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9 October & 10 July 2024





79 days left


Improve Organizational Performance by Generating Value, Managing Global Supply and Process Transformation


Step into the future of operational excellence with the Strategic Operations Management masterclass, an innovative event meticulously designed for professionals seeking to elevate their operational strategies and management skills.


 Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in your professional growth and drive significant improvements in your organization’s operations. Join us in Kuala Lumpur for the Strategic Operations Management Masterclass and take the first step towards operational excellence.



  1. Understanding the strategic operations and how this can generate value for organizations.
  2. Recognizing the specific role of service operations.
  3. Understanding the role of layouts and the overall transformation process and define what the organization can AND cannot do.
  4. Recognizing inventory management's shift from a quick-fix buying function to a strategic role involving key buyer-supplier relationships with key stakeholders.
  5. Recognize the necessary tools and techniques for performance measurement.
  6. Gain competitive advantage by utilizing order-winning criteria.
  7. Utilizing effective rules in capacity and scheduling management to optimize scheduling efficiency.



This course will benefit Directors, Head of Departments, Senior Managers, Managers, Team Leaders from any setting- manufacturing or services, and from private or public sectors from:

  • Operations
  • Supply Chain
  • Information Technology
  • Quality Assurance
  • Startegic Planners




“You have so much to offer our profession ...You have a mind-set that wants to go after the big, the important, the fundamental problems of our time. This is a rare occurrence." he described the book, Manufacturing the Future, as: “A fine new important contribution to our profession.” – Professor Wickham Skinner (Harvard Emeritus) 


“Through its reference to topical news items and practical case examples this thought-provoking latest edition of Strategic Operations Management has pushed back the boundaries of an important subject. In addition to the established subjects of inventory management, innovation and services, greater emphasis is given to themes such as the emerging sustainability agenda. Technological advances and ethical issues are also given due prominence. It provides a useful bibliographic resource in the fast moving, dynamic and turbulent global business environment within which companies and public organisations now operate."David Bennett, Guest Professor, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden 


“The new edition of the text authored by Brown, Bessant, and Jia is a comprehensive book on strategic operations management. It reflects the strategic relevance of operations management discipline to address the business challenges of 21st century, including the sustainability and adoption of new technologies.– Dr Breno Nunes, Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Operations Management, Aston University, UK


“This is a timely and welcome update to this well-written and comprehensive textbook. It covers everything needed in a core text and presents it in a digestible way whilst incorporating the challenges operations managers have to contend with as they devise strategies and practices to tackle the complexities and changes which continue to arise in businesses. Creating competitive advantage is a tough call. This book helps with working through and understanding the tools and techniques available.” – Olga Matthias, Professor of Operations Management, Sheffield Business School, UK 


“This is a well written book by leading authorities operations management, it deals with areas that are often neglected such ethics and sustainability, and is ideally suited to advanced undergraduate and all postgraduate programmes (including MSc & MBA courses) which deal with the strategic importance of operations.” – Tim Baines, Professor of Operations Strategy, Aston Business School




“Steve Brown’s new book on the future of manufacturing builds a compelling case….with a very detailed review based on an extensive study. The need for change is clearly demonstrated and is well worth a read for manufacturing professionals…” - Scott McLean, Hewlett Packard Manufacturing Director


“Steve Brown highlights the key dimensions within the task of managing plants in the highly competitive world of the 21st century. Providing the appropriate strategic context in which the essential tasks of manufacturing management need to be placed has been completed with sound insights and written in a challenging and interesting style.” - Professor Terry Hill. Green Templeton College, University of Oxford


The book sheds new light on the strategic importance of operations management for the competitiveness of both manufacturing and service organizations". - Professor Ted Lindblom, Gothenburg University Sweden



Steve Brown

Associate Editor


Steve Brown, an internationally recognized expert in Operations Management and Strategy, has taught extensively across the UK, Europe, and North America. He has held professorial positions at Bath, Exeter, and Southampton Universities and currently serves as an Honorary Professor at Sussex University.


  • Extensive Academic Contributions: Published over 100 journal papers and 10 books, with several works translated into Chinese.
  • Editorial Leadership: Former Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Operations & Production Management (IJOPM), elevating its global ranking and ABS rating.
  • Current Roles: Associate Editor for IJOPM and Advisory Board member for Technovation.
  • Honorary Professor: Holds the position at Sussex Business School, University of Sussex, bringing rich academic and practical insights.
  • Diverse Experience: Extensive consulting experience in manufacturing, services, and government sectors, shaping strategic operations and management practices globally.
Book(s) Published




He published number of books in operations management and different other fields where some of them was translated to Chinese, including:

  • Strategic Operations Management (4th edition). Brown S, Bessant J. and Jia J (2018)
  • Strategy, Operations and Tactics in Employee Development. Swart, J, Mann, C. and Brown S (2005)
  • Operations Management – Policy, Practice and Performance. Brown, S., Cousins, P., Blackmon, K and Maylor, H. (2001)
  • What Really Matters in Operations Management University of Bath, EurOMA. Blackmon, K Brown S. et al eds. (2001)
  • Strategic Manufacturing for Competitive Advantage - Transforming Operations from Shop Floor to Strategy. Brown, S (1996)
  • Strategic Manufacturing for Competitive Advantage - Transforming Operations from Shop Floor to Strategy. Brown, S (1996)




Strategic Operations Management

Join us in Kuala Lumpur on October 7-8, 2024, for a two-day Strategic Operations Management masterclass designed to elevate your organization's operational efficiency and strategic capabilities. Delve into the latest advancements in process transformation, technology integration, and global supply chain management through expert-led discussions and hands-on sessions. This event is ideal for senior managers, directors, and operations professionals aiming to drive excellence and innovation in their operations. Gain crucial tools and insights to streamline processes, enhance competitiveness, and achieve sustainable operational success.

Day  1


SESSION 1- Understanding Strategic Operations Management

Learn how to generate value through Sustainability, Competency Development, and Strategic Frameworks.


In this session we examine:

  • The specific frameworks and models used in developing and implementing operations strategy.
  • Operations Management’s contribution to generating value and competency development via specific models.
  • Key responsibilities in operations management include sustainability and responsibility, focusing on the importance of ESG factors in modern strategic operations.
  • Utilize order-winning criteria to focus on the organization’s operations.



SESSION 2- Services Operations: Concepts & Definitions

Explore fundamentals service  strategy concepts for quality assurance.



  • The basic concepts of service strategy.
  • The service concept, delivery systems.
  • Master SERVQUAL to ensure service quality.
  • Servitization


Discussion Case:

  • How Amazon transformed losses into profitability Amazon 2021.



SESSION 3- Technology-Driven Process Transformation and Layouts

Vast amounts of investment have been made in firms regarding process technology with sometimes questionable results.


Explore in depth:

  • A.I., Internet of Things, and Industry 4.0 types of layouts and the choice of processes.
  • The link between types of process and market requirements.
  • Mass Customization.
  • Agility.


Discussion Case:

  • The Nuclear Fizzle at Old B&W.


Day  2


SESSION 4: The Emergence of Strategic Improvements: Qualitative and Quantitative Metrics

Improving strategic Operations through a range of approaches in qualitative and quantitative Metrics.


Focusing on:

  • Quality
  • Benchmarking
  • BPR
  • Lean
  • Process Mapping


Video Case:

  • Lean at Airbus.



  • Group mapping exercise applying expected metrics.



SESSION 5: Explore Advanced Inventory and Supply Chain Management Practices

One of the major changes in Operations Management concerns materials or inventory management. In the past, this was seen as a tactical area and several "quick fix" approaches were used to supposedly manage inventory levels.

Since the 1980s many parts of the world have tried to emulate Japanese practices including Just in Time, which is a radical departure from past approaches and calls for the very best managerial capabilities.



  • Global Networks and Suppliers
  • Just-in-Time
  • Sustainable Purchasing
  • Blockchain


Discussion Case:

  • Discuss the global outsourcing issues Mattel.



SESSION 6: Capacity and Scheduling Management 

Capacity and scheduling management are vital areas of good operations management.


Topics Included:

  • Managing bottlenecks.
  • How scheduling can impact on key areas such as cost, delivery speed and delivery reliability.
  • Some of the “good rules” of scheduling and their use in manufacturing and services.


Discussion Case:

  • Hancock's Half-Hour ; service scheduling case.


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