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11-12 September 2023


Kuala Lumpur





Facilitated by Robert Bradford, one of the most sought-after strategic planning experts in the world, this course will teach you both the concepts and the step-by-step logistics behind the Simplified Strategic Planning process, a comprehensive approach to creating a complete, workable strategic plan in about 7 days of meetings. With over 30 years of experience, an MBA from a top-ranked business school, a graduate of London Business School, and a track record of increasing clients' net profits by over $50 billion through his management consulting and training services, Robert will guide participants in reaching a robust strategic conclusion quickly and driving from that conclusion to effective implementation plans.



“He has wide and vast experience. We were able to relate to case studies/samples beyond theories as the insights, case studies and examples that are given are resourceful and enlightening.” Najiha Hambali - Manager, Group Strategic Communications, Petronas

“It’s a great course to attend; especially to people who are in position like me as a strategist. Robert is an awesome guru!” Suhaila Sulaiman - Director of Strategic Resource Division, Inland Revenue Board

“I would say he is excellent and he knows the subject very well and he can talk and deliver. Basically what I can see in general is everybody is participating and happy with this course and I hope that you as an event organizer should conduct this and continue making these courses in the future.” Md Razip Mohd Yusof - General Manager, Asset Operation, Tenaga Nasional Berhad

“This was very detailed course which enriched us with a lot of proven concepts. I loved the speaker, he is very experienced in his field and all his examples could be related to the real life situations. Very good organization of the training thanks to Kexxel.” Wan Mohd Fadzlullah – Executive Vice President, Takaful Ikhlas



This course is perfect for you if your existing strategic planning is not giving you the results you need or if you are new to strategic planning. 

Poor strategic planning is worse than no strategic planning. It can be a big waste of time and money. Even worse, it can lead to disaster. Avoid all this with Simplified Strategic Planning - a proven process to focus for superior performance without straining your resources. 

Whether you’ve been doing strategic planning for years or starting from scratch, you can acquire a streamlined process for developing and implementing your strategy. In just two days, you will have learned this time-tested methodology, which has produced outstanding results for thousands of companies from a wide variety of business types.



  • Why Most Companies Fail at Strategic Planning
  • How to Create a Great Strategic Team
  • How to Dominate Your Market
  • How to Get Information You Need
  • How to Measure Key Success Factors
  • How to Find Your Unique Strategic Competency
  • How to Make Good Assumptions
  • How to Select and Exploit Your Best Opportunities
  • How to Protect Your Company From Potential Threats
  • How to Determine Your Strategic Focus
  • Get From Where Your Are To Where You Want to Be
  • How to Best Allocate Your Resources To Meet Your Objectives
  • How to Most Effectively Use Your Strategic Plan



This seminar is SPECIFICALLY designed for C-level executives who are tasked with determining the best course and direction for their companies. 

  • CEO, CFO, COO’s 
  • Heads of Operations 
  • Sales Directors 
  • Marketing Directors
  • IT 
  • Engineering 
  • Human Resource 
  • ..as well as other executives who report to the CEO.



Chief Executive Officer & Co-Author


Robert, a global strategic planning superstar, actively leads strategic planning worldwide in dozens of companies (of all sizes) in a wide variety of industries with amazing results. Since 2001, Robert’s corporate clients have increased their NET PROFITS by over $50 BILLION. His real-world management experience and ivy-league MBA enable Robert to bring real nuts-and-bolts strategic thinking into everything he does. A master trainer, Robert has spent the last thirty years converting management theory into real-life applications. Most clients engage Robert Bradford again and again to learn from his ever-growing experience in strategy that works today.


  • Co-author of the best-selling Simplified Strategic Planning Manual and Simplified Strategic Planning
  • Worked with hundreds of top companies globally
  • Increased his clients' net profit by over $50 billion
  • MBA degree from the Amos Tuck School of Business Administration (ranked #2 globally in Bloomberg Businessweek)
  • Member of the National Speakers Association and a Certified Speaking Professional
  • A postgraduate with London Business School

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Simplified Strategic Planning will walk you through the strategic planning process from conducting well-rounded market assessments to creating workable strategic action plans. Designed to suit both experienced and new strategic planners, the masterclass will go into streamlining the process of strategic design and implementation. By the end, you will be able to evaluate and understand core competencies, market opportunities, competitors, customer segment profitability, and other data points, to develop strategic choices.

DAY 1 

SESSION 1: External Situation


  • Key data to collect on markets for strategic planning 
  • Customer behavior and strategy 
  • Market segmentation 


  • Key data to collect on competitors
  •  Where to get competitive data 
  • What matters most about a competitor

     Other External Factors

  • How technology can make or break strategy 
  • Supplier Market dynamics 
  • Economics and strategy

SESSION 2: Internal Situation


  • The role of the balance sheet 
  • Assessing your income statement

    Measures of Performance

  • Measures you should use to think about strategy
  •  Why financials aren’t enough 
  • How to select the most important measures

  Profitability Analysis

  • Using the profitability analysis to spot strategic issues 
  • Why profitability shouldn’t dictate strategy

SESSION 3: Strategic Capabilities and Competencies

Quick Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Defining your capabilities quickly, without fuss 
  • Pitfalls in using strengths and weaknesses in strategy

 Strategic Competencies

  • Understanding competencies, and why you should invest in them
  •  Identifying your strategic competency

Group Exercise: An example of strategic competency in a multi-unit company

SESSION 4: Assumptions

Market Assumptions

  • Projecting changes in your markets 
  • Key data to assess in formulating strategy

 Competition Assumptions

  • How to see how you will stack up against the competition in the future
  •  Understanding how you can change your competitive position

Opportunities and threats

  • Brainstorming the best opportunities 
  • How to separate the best opportunities from the good ideas 
  • Highlighting the most critical threats to your strategy

Industry Scenario and Winners’ Profile

  • Projecting the more distant future 
  • Using the far future to guide your strategic thinking


SESSION 5: Strategies

Strategic Assessment

  • Identifying market attractiveness  
  • Identifying your competitive position  
  • Using your position to begin strategic thinking

Strategic Issues

  • The one strategic issue every company must address 
  • How to identify and resolve most of your strategic issues


  • Defining strategies for market segments 
  • Capturing your vision about your strategic focus 
  • Building a set of capabilities to support your vision

SESSION 6: Goals and Objectives

Mission Statement

  • Why you need a mission statement - and why you don’t 
  • How to get your mission written down in 30 minutes


  • Defining corporate goals 
  • Relating goals to measures of success 
  • How goals can drive execution - and how they shouldn’t

Objective Setting

  • How to set objectives for optimal execution
  •  What to do with objectives that you don’t select for execution

SESSION 7: Action Plans

Action Plans Writing Process (Group Exercise)

  • Formulating action steps 
  • Sequencing action steps 
  • Allocating resources to action steps

Rules for Better Execution

  • Tips from companies that achieve 100% of their objectives
  •  How to build better execution into your processes and culture

SESSION 8: Budgets

Cash Flow Budget

  • Using the cash flow budget to protect your company

Investment Budget

  • How to prioritize spending on strategic initiatives

Five-Year Projection

  • Testing your strategic plan as a hypothesis 
  • How to quickly use your strategic plan to create a five-year budget forecast

SESSION 9: Schedules and Agendas

Time Budgeting Process

  • Understanding the role of time in strategy execution 
  • How to allocate time and schedule execution for better results


  • Putting the whole strategic planning process together – what to do and when 
  • How to modify the process to fit your company

Monitoring Process

  • How to keep your strategic planning dynamic and alive 
  • How to assure excellent execution by monitoring


Check out the testimonials from our events

Najiha Hambali

Manager of Group Strategic Communications

Simplified Strategic Planning

“The facilitator has wide and vast experience. We were able to relate to case studies/samples beyond theories as the insights, case studies and examples that are given are resourceful and enlightening.”

Kelly Ngo

Head of Controlling
Unified National Networks Sdn Bhd

Simplified Strategic Planning

“Great Course! I have a clear understanding of some of the important approaches during the strategic planning process which I have never thought of before. This program was very nicely arranged, it left me with many useful tools and knowledge such as how to measure performance, how to maintain schedules that fit the company and how to prepare action plans.”

Mohamad Fitriyadi

Group Head of Budget & Corporate Planning
PT Bank CIMB Niaga

Simplified Strategic Planning

"The Simplified Strategic Planning course really helps me to prepare strategic planning in a systematic and efficient way. The strength of the event was the practical knowledge, which is easy to implement."

Rita Elisha

Principal Assistant Director of Strategic Planning
Ministry of International Trade and Industry

Simplified Strategic Planning

“The course provided us with a comprehensive and step–by-step approach to Strategic Planning. It is fun and the content is substantial.”

Chuah Kee Heng

Head of Corporate Planning
Singapore Power

Simplified Strategic Planning

“The facilitator’s delivery reveals his immense experience and knowledge. The structure of strategic planning was the main strength.”

Srichittra Pramejaney

Executive Vice President
Bangkok Insurance PCL

Simplified Strategic Planning

"The main strength of the event is the session on strategic assessment. Furthermore, The facilitator is great as he is full of experience!"